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    Sugar Glider Abbreviations to Know

    These Are A Few Sugar Glider Related Abbreviations and Definitions You May Find Helpful

    Coat Color/Genetics

    WF - White Face

    WFB - White Face Blonde

    Leu - Leucistic

    CG - Classic Grey

    Cino - Cremino

    Plat - Platinum

    Mo - Mosaic

    RT - Ring Tail

    BB - Black Beauty

    BF- Black Face

    BFBB- Black Face Black Beauty

    WT - White Tip

    TPM - True Platinum Mosaic

    General Abbreviations

    IP – In Pouch

    OOP – Out Of Pouch (the day the joey was completely detached from moms teat)

    CL- Critter Love®

    BML- Bourbons Modified Leadbeaters

    HPW- Former name of our diet plan

    HLP (Hypocalcemia): A deficiency or lack of calcium in the blood. It can be caused by a lack of calcium in the diet or from an illness or parasite. This can lead to Hind Leg Paralysis (HLP) once the body starts drawing calcium from the bones it weakens them and can cause the vertebra to collapse on itself.


    Abscess: A collection of pus that has accumulated in a cavity formed by the tissue. It is normally caused by an infection, parasites or the presence of foreign materials (i.e.: splinters) It is a defensive reaction of the tissue in an effort to prevent the spread of infectious material to other parts of the body. Symptoms of an abscess include swelling, heat and redness. Surgical draining (lancing) of the abscess is usually required and the pus should be cultured to find out which antibiotic will work the best.

    Bald spot: The term used to describe the scent gland that a male glider develops on the top of their head. It produces an oily secretion that slicks down the hair giving the appearance of hair loss.

    BEW: Black eyed white a/k/a "leucistic" or "leu".

    Bra Baby: a glider who will stay inside their Mom's shirt either lounging in or hanging on her bra for an extended period of time.

    C.O.I.: Coefficient of Inbreeding

    Face hug: When your glider jumps or glides to you and lands on your face rather than on another part of your body.

    Flossing: The term used when a male glider is grooming its penis. This often happens during puberty or when the male is overly hormonal.

    Het: heterozygus for the specific gene.

    Patagium/Patagia: The gliding membrane that stretches from the wrist to the ankle on each side of a gliders body. A glider will use their patagia like a parachute to glide from place to place.

    Pom: The term used to describe the male gliders scrotum. It looks like a small furry belly button on a male's stomach.

    Scent glands: refers to the scent glands located on the chest and head of a unaltered male glider that produce oils.

    Self Mutilation(SM): The act of attacking and chewing on one's self. If you suspect your glider is Self Mutilating, the first thing you should do is put the glider into an e-collar or wrap the glider up in fleece so that the glider can do no further damage to them self.

    Singing: The sound a female glider makes when she has joeys in pouch, often when she has decided that it is time for them to detach from the teat. It is a difficult sound to describe as no female sings in the same way, but it includes a combination of chirps, chatters, chortles and snicks with tonal variations.

    Skunking: The term used to describe the act of a glider secreting a strong musky scent from their anal glands when startled or frightened as a protection against predators.

    Tent Test: The term used to describe the process that is used to test gliders for dehydration. When using the tent test, you gently pinch the skin between the gliders shoulder blades. In a hydrated glider, the skin should return to normal within 3-5 seconds. If it remains tented or takes an excessive amount of time to return to normal the glider is dehydrated.

    Tent Time: When you take your glider into a small tent (or small space like a bathroom) for the purpose of interacting or playing with them.