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    Choosing a Sugar Glider Veterinarian

    It has been stated that if a Veterinarian has worked with small animals such as hamsters, rats and mice, they can also be qualified to work on Sugar Gliders. This is NOT true. In fact, there are a limited amount of Veterinarians that will even consider doing a wellness check on Sugar Gliders since they are Exotic Animals.

    Finding a Sugar Glider knowledgeable Veterinarian may indeed be a difficult thing chore to accomplish and it is recommended to have one prior to bringing your new pet home.

    If you have a Veterinarian already that you have a relationship with and you trust and they do not have experience with Sugar Gliders, ask them if they are willing to do phone consults with other Veterinarians that are experienced with this animal. Many are willing to learn.

    (A list of Veterinarians that are willing to do phone consults can be found at the bottom of the page)

    If you do find a Veterinarian that treats Sugar Gliders and you are unfamiliar with them, ask to set up a time to go in and speak with them and take a little bit of time to get to know each other.

    Take along a notebook and pen and take notes of what your Veterinarian says. If something does not sound correct, come home and research it and see if you can find the answers other Veterinarians have given before.

    NEVER allow a Veterinarian to Clip/Trim/Float a Sugar Gliders teeth. The teeth of a Sugar Glider are fixed, and although the lower incisors are indeed long, they will NOT penetrate through the roof of their mouth, nor will they continue to grow. By allowing this procedure to be done, you are altering the mouth of the Sugar Glider, which will then affect the way the animal eats for the rest of its life. Also, if the teeth are trimmed too far down and expose the pulp (nerves) that are located in the teeth, it can lead to tooth abscess or even worse, a jaw abscess. If this occurs, the teeth will have to be completely extracted.

    Questions to Ask Veterinarians

    • What is your experience with Sugar Gliders?
    • Do you Own any Sugar Gliders Yourself?
    • Do you have the updated information on them, including diet choices?
    • Where do you obtain your Sugar Glider Information?
    • Are you willing to do phone consults with other Sugar Glider Knowledgeable Veterinarians?
    • Do you currently have any clients with Sugar Gliders that you routinely see?
    • How many neuters have you performed on Sugar Gliders? (If you are there needing to have a neuter completed)
    • Have you ever drawn blood on a Sugar Glider Before?
    • Have you performed Necropsies on Sugar Gliders before?
    • Who can you recommended as a back up Veterinarian in case you are out of the office when I need you?
    • Do you do emergencies or do you have a number of a Veterinarian 24 hour clinic that is Sugar Glider Knowledgeable?

    Most Veterinarians will not mind being asked questions and giving you answers. They like to know that the owner of the animal they are treating is just as much in it for the animal as they are.

    Veterinarians that will do phone consults

    (Please keep in mind these veterinarians will ONLY speak to other Veterinarians and  will not be willing or able to offer vet care advice/treatment over the phone to you personally, without actually seeing your glider first)

    Dr. Tim Tristan
      Everhardt Medical Corpus Chritst
    (305) 731-0125

    Dr. Bradley Walsh
    Village Vet Animal Clinic/All Creatures Vet Hosp.

    Dr. Andrew Grzanowski
    Canton Center Animal Hospital

    Dr. Kate Zimmerman
    Tri County Animal Hospital

    Texas Avian & Exotic Hospital

    Dr. Doug Pernikoff
    Clarkson-Wilson Veterinarian Clinic
    (636) 530-1808

    Dr. Teresa Bradley
    Belton Animal Clinic

    Dr. Kristen West
    Mandel Veterinary Hospital

    Dr. Fitzgerald
    Alameda West Vet Hosp.

    Hillview Veterinary Clinic

    Once again, please remember these are numbers for you to pass along to your Veterinarian in the case they may need/want to do a phone consult.