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    First Step to Owning a Sugar Glider

    Owning a sugar glider is a big responsibility & commitment and we want to make sure you're completely ready.  We have created a guideline that goes over many aspects in making this important decision. Please read carefully so you are well informed about us as breeders and are familiar with our Policies & Procedures.  If you can't find the answer to all your questions on our website, feel free to Contact Us. Things to consider:

        #1) Are you (including family) totally committed in owning a sugar glider?  Is everyone 100% on board and ready for the undertaking? Are you willing to commit the next 8-15 years to a sugar glider?

         #2) Have you considered the cost of owning a sugar glider? Fees that may incur; vet wellness check including emergency situations that always happen at night it seems (2.Proper housing required), Start Up Supplies to Purchase for your sugar glider(s), annual wellness checks, including fecals, any unforeseen hospital visits, pet sitting fees if you go on vacation, feeding good quality sugar glider food?

         #3) Is the timing right to devote the first several months to properly taking the time to bond with your sugar glider(s)?  Do you have any upcoming vacations, special occasions or anything that may get in the way of committing to a sugar glider? Proper bonding methods and attention is imperative the first several months.

         #4) Do you work all day, are you willing/able to carry the bonding pouch with you at work? If not, are you willing to put it on as soon as you get home from work? Sure sugar gliders are beautiful, adorable and unique, but there is a lot more to consider then just the physical element, and being left in a cage and given up on because bonding didn't go as fast as you like, isn't fair to a sugar glider.

         #5) If you have children, are they of proper age to take responsibility in caring for a sugar glider?  

         #6) Do you have further questions that are not found on our website?  If so, please Contact Us and someone will get back to you. 

        #10) Visit our Facebook page that offers many reviews, photos of our sugar gliders and comments from our satisfied customers.  

    We appreciate you taking the time to read over the important information on our website.  Being prepared will help for the smoothest transition when you are ready for a new sugar glider!