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    Healthy vs. Sick Sugar Gliders

    How Do You Know If Your Sugar Glider Is Ill?

    Whether purchasing your first Sugar Glider or your 20thSugar Glider you should always do your best to make sure that you are receiving one that is in good health.

    Your best option would be to ask the breeder that you are purchasing from to obtain a health certificate prior to you taking your new glider home, along with having a fecal float/smear on your new baby at your own veterinarian's office within ten days of your new glider going home with you. Please keep in mind most breeders are willing to do this, however the expense will be added on to your account or purchase price in most cases.

    If this is not a possibility (you are purchasing from a pet store or other facility, or being given a Sugar Glider free of charge) there are certain things to look for in a Sugar Glider that will let you know if they are in well enough health to go home with you.


    • Active
    • Smooth, soft coat
    • Bright eyes
    • Perky Ears
    • Full, bushy tail
    • Firm Feces
    • Pink Nose
    • Good Movement
    • Ability to grab onto things

    Chances are, since gliders are very good at masking illnesses, you won't notice right away if a glider is sick.Therefore, if in doubt, always consult a licensed veterinarian familiar with sugar gliders.


    Be Sure to check for any of these signs or symptoms on your Sugar Gliders. If these are noticeable, please call your Veterinarian and make an appointment as soon as possible as Sugar Gliders hide their illnesses and fast treatment is often required after symptoms have become noticeable.

    • Poor Appetite
    • Droopy ears
    • Dull eyes
    • Lethargic
    • Excessive Sleeping
    • Seizures
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Discharge out of nose
    • Facial Swelling
    • Distended Abdomen
    • Weakness or dragging back legs
    • Dehydration (can be checked by doing tent test)
    • Labored or increased breathing
    • Jaundice
    • Disinterest in playing
    • Lack of Urination
    • Difficult Bowel Movements
    • Over grooming
    • Weight Loss
    • Discolored/stained coat