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    JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: If you looking for a way to make your mealtime for your sugar gliders a bit easier, these practical divided plates are a pet owners best friend; Each of these plates have a small section to hold your staple and another section to hold your salads.
    Each Plate measures 7” x 5” and are 1” Deep;

    Made of 100% Renewable Bamboo Fiber, Wood Pulp and Natural Colors. They are reusable,
    They are reusable, dishwasher safe, biodegradable, heat and spill resistant.

    Safety First: Don't settle for plastic and silicone plates that may leach chemicals into your pet's food over time.

    Comes in four different colors to choose from. Get an entire collection!

    Red Food Dish
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    Blue Food Dish
    SKU: 46728353875-copy-copy
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    Orange Food Dish
    SKU: 46728353615
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    Green Food Dish
    SKU: 46728353851
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