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    I have had it on my heart to share this with you because I feel it is important when someone has an impact on your life, you let them know.

    I bought my gliders Josie and Jasper from a lady my mom worked with about 6 1/2 years ago. Jasper was from her breeding pair and Josie was a rescue. When we got them Josie crabbed if we even got close to the cage. (It took A LOT of patience and bonding to gain her trust). The woman selling them recommended glider gravy from Pocket Pets, dry food from Petco and for their "fresh" food a mix of ground beef, corn, peas, carrots, and grapes. She also said to just get a parrot cage and cover it in chicken wire.

    Thankfully I decided to research gliders and found out everything she told me was wrong! I got connected with a local breeder and she gave me a list of websites. Critter Love was the first one I visited and I am SO grateful I did.

    I found out from my mom the lady she worked with had sold a breeding pair to a friend of the family. I tried to reach out and tell them not to listen to what they were told, but unfortunately they didn't listen. All of their poor gliders died along with the seller's gliders. I feel so horrible for those poor babies.

    Because we found you Josie and Jasper have had 4 healthy babies (we made the decision 6 was enough and all of the boys visited the vet after that)! Kioshii and Katsumi followed by Logan and Maverick. They are all healthy and happy (and mischievous)!! I have included a picture of Katsumi when Josie would let us hold him (with supervision of course). They turned 6 this month and I truly believe it is in part to finding you!

    I cannot thank you enough. You have been a blessing in our family's life. 💗

    Jo Ann Bergseid

    We were truly blessed that Peggy decided to move to Texas just when we were looking to add a couple of Sugar Gliders to our family. We drove the 5 1/2 hours to pick up our Glider sisters (2) on Sept. 28th, 2019. It was awesome to finally meet Peggy after communicating by email for almost two months. The snack & food choices were all explained and fun to pick out. The TOY ROOM! OMGosh! Awesome and so much fun to go through. I had to reel myself in or I would have bought them all! Haha! Our little girls, Tika & Astrid, barely crabbed during the drive home and were both given 100% Clean Bill of Health at the Veterinarian appointment two days later. Yay! :-) Peggy has been there every step of the way answering our "new Glider parent questions and worries". She is there to support you for the life of the Glider. Now, how many people can say that?! I have been doing a lot of research on how Gliders are "supposed" to act once you get them home. Comparatively, our little girls have been very calm. No lunging/attacking and barely any crabbing at all. Very sweet. They are still a little skittish, as they are still getting to know the new giant humans, but we are now doing tent time to help them get to know us. Peggy gave us advice on that too! Thank you Peggy for everything!!! :D P.S. They ALWAYS completely clean their staple (Complete) out. Not one drop has ever been left in the bowls in the morning. That makes me feel good - I know they are getting the diet they are supposed to have. You can't get better than the leading Glider nutritionist supplying your Glider and their food. ;-)

    Cindy & Paul

    We just adopted two new sugar glider babies from Critter Love to go with the two sugar gliders we've had for years. We have always fed HPW Critter Love complete, with fabulous results. My wife and I called Peggy and she walked us through the adoption process. Peggy was a joy to deal with, answered all of our questions, concerns and set our mind at ease. Would highly recommend Critter Love to anyone looking for quality products and quality sugar gliders.

    Kiva and Linda Dye

    I was referred by a family member for our gliders food needs. Our order was shipped quickly. Our gliders are thriving of critter love complete (along with fresh foods as well). They absolutely lick their bowls clean and get excited when they know it's feeding time. They are very active, happy, healthy little critters. They also love the fruity pellets, we are planning to get some other flavors of pellets and more critter love complete when we pick up our new baby in October. Absolutely pleased with the customer service and dedication to sugar gliders and their health. Definitely a company with a passion that deserves to be recognized. Thank you for your dedication and love to these babies!


    The left picture is from the day I brought Navi home, and the right picture is from last night after a little over a month of feeding Critter Love Complete. I am so excited about the difference in her fur!! When I brought her home from the breeder I didn't realize her cracked/separated fur meant she was lacking a healthy diet. Very thankful for the Critter Love Complete diet and Peggy's knowledge!


    I wanted to thank Peggy and Critter Love for helping me with a colony of surrenders that came to my rescue several weeks ago. It was a colony of 5 extremely large gliders. They were well socialized and relatively healthy, with the exception of their obesity. After a few days, I was still having a hard time getting them to eat much of anything at my home, which was a problem I had never experienced before for any extended period of time. They barely touched my diet, and did not even seem to care for the fruits, veggies, worms, and treats that I offered. They did eat some, but it wasn't much, and it was also difficult to identify which gliders were eating enough, and which weren't.

    One of the gliders, Prince, became ill and eventually passed from his illness. While the vet and I didn't know it at the time, the results of the necropsy showed that Prince likely died from hepatic lipidosis, which is fatty liver caused by rapid weight loss. There were some other abnormalities, but I feel that the rapid weight loss was very likely the cause of his death. After trying everything I could think of with the remaining 4, another glider in that colony, Meeko, also began to show signs of illness.

    Panicked, sad, and discouraged, I messaged Peggy who suggested that I try Critter Love for them. After a day or two of the Critter Love Complete, that colony began cleaning their plate, and Meeko began perking up. His color changed from yellowish to normal, and he is now thriving with the rest of his colony. They get Critter Love Complete every night, and they love it. I truly believe that Critter Love Complete saved the rest of that colony.

    For whatever reason, their transition into my home was stressful enough to cause them to not want to eat, but the Critter Love did the trick. From now on, I will keep it on hand for this very purpose. Thank you, again!

    Alea Holladay
    Sugar Glider Guardian (a 5013c rescue)

    My fuzzy buddies loved the Critter Complete! I got them as rescues who were on an Exotic Nutrition diet, but then I introduced them to this, and they slurped tall of it right up within seconds. Alongside the Salad Mix I know they are getting all the RIGHT vitamins and minerals they could possibly need :)


    I absolutely love the critter love staple diets. My gliders used to have low blood sugar with a purple nose. Since I recently switched to Critter Love Complete, their blood sugar is normal, and their noses are a normal pink color. Not purple. Their fur also got so much softer. My gliders always lick their bowls clean and I can be sure they are getting the nutrients they need. I can always count on Critter Love to keep my gliders healthy.


    When I have had questions and reached out to Customer Service through the website, I received a personalized response quickly. As a newer glider owner, decision making regarding diets and other safe choices can be overwhelming and having a reputable company available to respond to my questions in a very timely manner is an invaluable resource. Thank you!

    Trish Sparks

    All 5 of my gliders love there food, and I love your company. Absolutely went above and beyond my expectations. You have my buisness for sure.


    I have personally been using the diet for over 4 years and couldn't be happier with the results.  I highly recommend HPW to anyone who owns gliders.

    Dr. Tim Tristan DVM, DABVP
    Owner/ Texas Sealife Center

    My suggies LOVE your food. I recently rescued them and since I started feeding them your suggie complete along with the pellets their fur is softer, fluffier, and fuller than ever. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product!

    Breanne Wilmot

    I have tried multiple diets and I would always wake up to see full dishes. I recently switched over to the Critter Love diet and every morning bowls are completely empty. My suggies love it and I am thrilled they are finally eating.

    Caroline Brightman

    Critter Love is the best! After I have tried everything I could to get my gliders to eat I came to Critter Love and bought the HPW Complete.

    My Gliders have now had EMPTY food dishes every morning and they are happier and Healthier due to Critter Love and the help they gave me with how to feed my babies.

    Thank you to everyone from Critter Love that helped me along this journey

    Stormy Rose

    My Gliders ♡♡ Critter love! My Gliders have NEVER been on any other diet. I am a small breeder we have had ZERO joey rejections. My Gliders have healthy joeys & some have hefty joeys.

    Tonia Johnson

    We just adopted four new gliders, Tank, Tabitha, Alex and Eclipse. We absolutely love them! After researching different products online, your site was recommended to us. The prices are very reasonable and our order came within days! Thank you so much for your help and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. Your website is also very informational considering we are first time suggie slaves! Thank you Peggy!

    Mike Spillios & Marlaina Dillon
    Tucson, AZ

    Peggy, Our Gliders have only been on the HPW Plus for a month now and they love it. Their smell has improved, their coats are shiny and smooth, and their tails are extra fluffy now. We just had a Joey OOP and he is the healthiest Joey we have had here so far. He OOP'd with more hair and less pouch staining than any other Joey ever born here before. I can't wait to see how much more they improved over time. Needless to say we are extremely pleased and we don't hesitate to tell all of our Glider friends about your product.

    Thank you very much,
    Robert Mroz
    and Dr. Amy Bowman V.M.D.

    My suggies LOVE your food. I recently rescued them and since I started feeding them your suggie complete along with the pellets their fur is softer, fluffier, and fuller than ever. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product!

    Breanne Wilmot

    My sweet glider babies Nox and Luna have passed over the rainbow bridge, but I wanted to add my testimonial to thank you for all the help your products were while they were with me. They loved every toy I bought them from your shop, and loved to fish yogurt and fruit treats out of them. The Complete supplement was their favorite part of mealtime, and they'd jump to the door of the cage or immediately weasel out of pouches when they realized what was in my hands. I was very new to gliders when I started raising them, and they had some health struggles from birth, but your supplements and information were irreplaceably helpful in making sure I gave them everything they needed. They liked the Complete so much that even when they weren't feeling their best, they still wanted to eat it. Thank you very much for what you do, and if I am ever fortunate enough to have another little glider in my life one day, I know where I'll be going for the things they need! :)

    Laura R. Taquino

    My girls have been on the HPW Complete diet for 3 years. I have the peace of mind that they are eating right and that the nutrition will help them live long lives. They honestly eat better than I do!

    But what really prompted me to write this review is that I just ordered the fruity pellets for my girls to have when I get home late and can't have their fresh food out yet, and they are loving them! They have always been lackluster about other pellets, which I didn't think much of since it isn't their staple food, but in the past two days they have gone crazy over them and it'll help their dental hygiene!

    Whitney Morris

    Almost two weeks ago, I decided to give Critter Love Complete a try for my 4 babies. I switched from TPG, which me and my babies liked. But I had some Critter Love samples I figured I would see how they liked it. I made salad #3. My gliders LOVE it. Completely gone every morning (minus the typical left over pieces of fruits and veggies they leave behind). I also noticed a few things since I switched. My one female who would wake up every day around noon to eat, doesn't get up anymore. I haven't seen her once since the day after I started the new diet. Also, they are alot more active. None of them would wake up earlier than 11pm before the diet change, now they are up at 7pm. Not up to eat, just alot of playing and wheel running. My Platinum female looks more white and less yellow. I actually noticed an all around better appearance in the fur of my two oldest gliders.

    I just ordered more of it, I wasn't expecting it to be such a hit. I think it ends up being more expensive than TPG for me but I really like the difference I am seeing in my babies.

    Jessie Oliver

    Dear Peggy,

    Am writing just to show my appreciation for your product. Over here in the Philippines a lot of people are not aware of how to properly feed their gliders. They often feed baby food or just fruits and vegetables. Knowing that was wrong I immediately scoured the internet for better options. At first I was misled to another HPW brand, a knock-off, and my babies at first ate it. But then they stopped. I was then stuck with this gellatinous mound of muck every morning and I could tell my babies were still hungry. So I researched more and learned that the company I bought from was not legit.

    Now that I am feeding my babies HPW complete I see differences in their fur and their disposition. I had a colony that did not reproduce at all (despite being over a year old) and recently just had lovely healthy joeys only after a few months of switching to the original HPW complete. My babies smell better too! And I hardly have to clean anything from their food tray because it's gone by the morning after.

    My friends and their friends all feel the same way. They switched too and keep getting more. They noticed healthier beautiful fur and healthier bodies on their suggies. No more cracked fur! No more stains!

    Thank you for your hard work! It definitely shows and I will keep coming back for more to spread the great product here in our country!


    My kids have been fed Critter Love Plus for a little over a year now and still, that is the first thing they go for every night! They love Critter Love! And for that, so do I!

    Megan Montgomery

    My gliders LOVE the way it tastes and I love that something so healthy can be so convenient. I also love that there are 4 easy to follow recipes for fruits and veggies on the website. Again, SO convenient.Working full time, having a part time business of my own, two children, and other fur babies to take care of, I'm all about convenience. Healthy doesn't have to be complicated, as I've learned with my two human babies. Peggy is extremely knowledgeable and very responsive, to any questions I've had, be it diet other glider related things. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

    Christy Murray Sloat

    We have been using Critter Love since the day we got our first sugar glider. I can't say enough good about this stuff and the awesome lady who sells it and answers our questions!

    Thank you!
    John Byerly

    I want to express my sincere gratitude to Peggy Brewer. This is why. My sister and I rescued 2 gliders in August 2014. Both from different homes, and both were a year old. We had never owned gliders so this was all new to us. We did a lot of research and thought to ourselves..."we've got this, no big deal". We have 11 dogs and 4 horses, how difficult can it be to own suggies...well it didn't take long for us to get a reality check. Danee is our male (neutered) and Alley is our female. Before we rescued them, Danee lived on apples and crickets....Alley lived on eggs, chicken and corn. I knew that feeding them a proper diet was essential to their overall well being. Since diets are such a touchy subject on suggie Facebook groups I decided to figure it out on my own. At that time I decided to feed the TPG diet. Well, Danee and Alley were not happy about it ( wouldn't eat it actually ) so I decided to "supplement" with other foods. Their diet consisted of TPG, tomatoes, mixed veggies ( with lots of corn ), chicken, eggs, avocado, grapes, berries and melon...all of this EVERY night. ( Shame on me ) They picked at their food, with the exception of the chicken ( which Alley ate all of ) the eggs, tomatoes, avocado and of course the corn. Alley gained so much weight and would refuse to exercise. She weighs 184g and that is so unhealthy for her. Danee weighs 96g but exercises all night long. Every morning we threw away SO much food. Our average suggie grocery bill was about $100 month and $65 of it was being thrown away. I decided it was time for something to change and that "something" was me. I needed to get our babies on a healthy diet. My dilemma was "what am I going to feed that they will actually eat and not waste"? I contacted Peggy Brewer at Critter Love and she helped guide me on what to do. She helped me to decide on the proper diet ( Critter Love Plus ) and recommended that I delete the corn from the veggie part and also the fruits ( too much sugar ). Well, I am so very happy to say that even though we just started this diet I am very pleased. My sister and I feed exactly what Peggy recommended (1 TBSP Plus and 2 TBSP veggies per glider) every night. When we clean the cage in the morning there is NOTHING left. They eat it ALL. They obviously LOVE it...and we do too. We will be weighing Alley every week and keeping Peggy posted on her weight loss progress and making changes ONLY when Peggy tells us to. Thank you so very much Peggy for "mentoring" me and helping me to help our suggies live a happy and healthy life !!!!

    April Evans

    All of the products are great, but Peggy and her amazing customer service makes Critter Love the best! I recommend Critter Love to everyone I meet that has/wants gliders.

    Natalie McLaughlin

    I have been using the HPW Complete diet for my gliders for years and I can honestly say that they have never been healthier nor happier then they are today. Thank you CritterLove for helping to keep my babies in tip-top. Shape and feeling their best.

    -Abhaya Haberland

    I have ordered from Critter Love from the very first day I brought my babies home and have NEVER even wanted to try something else. My babies are the healthiest, happiest Gliders you've ever seen and I intend to keep them that way with Critter Love's food and snacks.

    I would not hesitate to suggest their product to new Glider owners and in fact I have.

    Pat Currie (AKA SugarBattyPatty)

    I've been ordering toys, food and other supplies from Critterlove for about four years now, and I've always received the best information and help. Their products are simple but very safe and well made, my suggies just LOVE everything! The first order I placed, I was even able to email and request to pay additional for a custom pouch, and they did it for free! I'm so glad I found you guys, thanks for everything!

    Ashley J.

    Wonderful site, I love that my orders come quickly and that they offer a variety of foods and supplies. I breed and sell sugar gliders and one of the most important things I make sure to do before selling them is to make sure the family orders their food and cage accessories from Critter Love!

    Danielle M

    Critter Love excels in shipping, customer service, and quality of products. My orders have been shipped out the next day, and if I have questions, Peggy has been very helpful. My 2 gliders never leave any leftovers of their HPW Complete and they eat up the Happy Glider pellets when they get those.

    I am impressed with Critter Love all around and will remain a customer.

    Thanks for all you do!
    Jennifer K.

    I purchased two gliders from Critter Love, Tito and Penelope (Vyper and Little Girl); not only are they the sweetest gliders I've ever met but they are so fun and full of personality. Tito, my little boy, is so adventurous and caring and Penelope is so shy but spunky and sweet.

    Peggy was so accommodating and caring toward her babies, I could tell she genuinely loved my little ones as much as I did. They have come home and are already almost bonded! I couldn't believe that they had already let me pet them and pick them up without fuss. My other sugar glider, Clover, came from elsewhere and at the beginning was so mean and hurtful. Through lots of work, now he loves everybody, especially his new brother and sister; but with Peggy's babies, they were so loving already they just fit right in to my heart.

    Even the HPW smells amazing and makes my babies look amazing! I cant recommend Critter Love enough and will be purchasing again from here very soon!

    Kayla Litz

    My sugar gliders were hardly eating their previous diet, as soon as I got this diet I haven't had that problem. They leave their plates so clean, one would think I didn't give them anything to eat. I can't express how much Peggy helped me and how I don't stress anymore about their diet.

    Heidi Nino de Rivera

    Dear Miss Peggy @ Critter Love,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting so much of your time, effort and hard work into finding/creating the best possible diet for our sugar babies! I truly have to admit that I'd never thought I'd notice such a difference between one company's HPW products to another's. However, for all of those out there that think "HPW is HPW is HPW", you honestly could not be more wrong. Believe me, as an owner, breeder and daily researcher, I know the amount of contradicting information we have to weed through online before we finally feel we've found "the right" information. I'm here to let everyone know, that I've NEVER seen ALL of my babies eat all of their HPW every night! Not even a drop is left in any of their bowls in the mornings. Seriously, how much more proof could someone ask for?!? It gives me GREAT peace of mind to know that I'm feeding them your product. Also, not only will I continue to do so in my own home, but I would also be honored and more than happy to share/sell your AMAZING product to my customers. Thank you from the bottom of my (and all of my little fuzzy fam's) heart for caring and being so passionate about what's TRULY best for them!!! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    Stacie Rice d/b/a Sugar Glider Whisperer

    (321) 795-3930

    You may request to join my Facebook Group:!/groups/521513631283958/

    P.S. For anyone with questions in regards to how I reached my opinion, please feel free to contact me. I'd be more than happy to share our personal experiences with other products/diets that we've tried.

    Thought you might be happy to know that my cousins little glider, Zoe's, bald spot is completely filled in and she is no longer over grooming herself and is even putting on a bit of weight which she needed because she was on the small side and looks soooo much healthier since she started her HPW Complete™ 3 weeks ago - prime example how great the diet is!
    -Shannon Mashek

    My three gliders have thrived on HPW Complete ever since I started using it almost 3 years ago. My babies coats are soft and fluffy and their eyes are bright. They are very active and are so very healthy. Prior to using HPW Complete, my babies were much thinner and their coats were not as healthy looking. Peggy is always quick to fill an order and even though we have only communicated by email, I feel that if I every had an issue with one of my gliders, I would feel very comfortable asking her opinion as I know she would either be able to help directly or point me in the right direction to find the information that I needed.

    Sharon Spicer

    In early February my wife and I met a woman in the glider community that told us about HPW. I did my research, but I was feeding pellets to my 2 original gliders as the complete diet and only knew that and was skeptical to change. Then we got the opportunity to get a white face ring tail mosaic, and the breeder one of her requirements was that she wanted her babies to remain on the HPW. So we changed the day that we got our wf ringtail mo and her sister. Since February I have been feeding HPW complete to our 4 suggie and they absolutely love it. They darn near lick the bowl clean every night. My oldest glider gabbi (black beauti) is a super pick eater and she gobbles it down every single night as soon as the bowls enter the cage. Thank you so much for creating a truly amazing, perfectly balanced, tasty diet. Ill be feeding this diet for many years to come.

    Kyle Hermanns

    You have always taken good care of me. My orders are packaged well, and sent in a timely manner. I really appreciate you!!

    Cyndy Browne (Paramedicyn on GC and SGN)

    My two gliders love their HPW complete! And I love how super easy it is to prepare!

    Cheryl Johnson

    Super fast shipping on the HPW and beautiful babies...need I say more?

    Tammy Orndorff

    Peggy has always gotten the HPW Complete Breeders Formula out in a very timely manner.

    If there is a delay she contacts me to let me know. She has always helped the people that come to me after buying gliders from Pocket Pets. The gliders love her diet.Her help is greatly appreciated.

    Kimberly Tadder

    Critter Love is AMAZING! Fastest shipping of any place I've ever shopped, FANTASTIC prices, awesome sales, great selection, & the BEST customer service EVER! Critter Love ROCKS!!

    Carolyn Leake

    I have always had a great experience when ordering HPW Complete from Peggy. My gliders love it and it arrives quickly in the mail. I have also purchased a glider from Peggy, and my glider was in perfect health and even came with a health guarantee. I will continue to trust Peggy with all my glider needs!


    I love the price and knowing that my sugar gliders are healthy with this diet. My hpw complete arrived on time and nothing was wrong...also wheneever i have a question regarding diet you have always got back to me quick and answered . I will deff be buying another batch soon :-)

    Thank you :-)


    I ordered HPW Complete just before Christmas and my gliders were super excited when they found out they had received a couple toys in a little stocking along with the order. It only took a couple days for them to chew up the tiny army man they had gotten. Will definitely order from CritterLove again. I receive everything a very short time after ordering.

    ~Kaitlin T

    I order once a month from Critter Love. They never disappoint me..shipping is super fast & nicely packaged. I recommend them to every person who asks me what I feed my babies. My fuzzies coats are gorgeous & are commented on when "we" are on an outing. Peggy is helpful & very professional.

    Joan Komar

    I recommend you to everyone!

    Fast Service, Quality Products, and Great info!!!

    Patricia Hall

    i got a rescue glider that i'm working with before i introduce her to others, i got her some HPW complete from your store and she loved it like it was a treat! she purrs while eating it and everything. i would like to thank you for having a food thats healthy that she actually likes, i will defiantly buy from you guys again! :)


    I wanted to write and let you know that since we switched from a blended diet to HPW Complete, our 2 yr old Asher's eyes have improved so much. We were told he was blind but a vet confirmed he has sight and the bluish color is clearing up somewhat. I have to say we did not notice a change until 2 weeks after switching the diet. Thank you so much!

    In this picture you can see his pupil which we could not see before. :)

    Very pleased with your products and shipping!

    -Marc Sylvester

    When we ordered this we were worried because it was coming from Florida and we are in mi and it only took two days to ship! We were really happy with that

    ~Ashtin Brooks

    Peggy...I LOVE IT!!!!

    I have been feeding & used HPW COMPLETE for almost 2 yrs now and have several differences in my Sugar Gliders.MY GLIDERS LOVE IT & Eat it ALL Each and every night! (1) Is a difference in the way they look, they have fluffier tails and smoother coat/fur. (2) Their weights are more stable, when weighing them monthly. (3) Joey's having a higher weight when coming OOP. AND the best part is the ease of making it, just add water, so I have more time to spend with my Suggies...spoiling them!!!

    <;===;' dachshund

    I just wanted to thank you for your speedy service! I placed my order for HPW Complete (which makes Fender lick the bowl clean) on Friday and received it Monday! Fender LOVES his HPW Complete...which is funny since the people I got him from said he wouldn't eat it. We use your recommended veggie/fruit mix and a cube of Complete every night and wake up to an empty bowl almost every morning. Thank you!

    Karen Grischuk

    I have a ton of toys from Critter Love and my gliders love all of them...especially the ones with feathers. The toys are well made and keep my gliders busy night after night. I also like the variety of toys!

    -Mary Mattern

    Critterlove is a great company. They are the number one place to go for all your gliders needs.They have my babies favorites diet and always have what I am looking for.There service is great and they will always be there to help.

    ~~~Ryan Thompson

    Hello CritterLove!

    I heard about your Christmas Giveaway! Im sending in my testimonial letter.

    I have two gliders, Bobo and Mia. One is a boy, who is 5 years old. I got him from a rescuer who said he was being fed bird seed, and had patches of fur missing. Poor little guy! Mia is a girl glider I got off of craigslist, and a owner did not want her anymore. So, instead of getting one from a breeder as a baby, i adopted older sugar gliders instead! I love them to death, and they will be getting a new cage this Christmas, and I would love to win some toys to put in their new cage!

    I am not too sure if you need my address or anything. I have ordered HPW diet, a wheel, and treats from you guys, and i just love how each purchase ive made has come with instructions and tips!

    Thank you!
    -Sara Brown, Bobo, and Mia!~

    I would just like to say, that when I first started acquiring my fuzz butt family, I had them on HPW Complete. There is always a lot of controversy over what diet to feed and everyone has a strong opinion. After several months of being on the HPW, I was convinced by a friend to switch to a different diet. Well, I have to say, it wasn't until I decided to go BACK to the HPW (my babies didn't really enjoy the other diet, plates were never licked clean of the staple) that I noticed the difference in their fur. Within a week I realized just how much of a difference the HPW made. Coats were softer and shinier, plates were licked clean. As a breeder and rescue, I can promise you I will NEVER make that mistake again and I am proud to say that my business (Trina's Tiny Treasures) will be a future distributor of the HPW diet. I would also like to add that whenever I have a question, regardless of whether it is diet related or not, Peggy has always responded exceptionally fast. Thank you Peggy. And thank you from my fuzzbutts who are MUCH happier. (And healthier)

    Trina Finch


    After six straight months of my gliders enjoying the HPW Complete it's finally time for me to make my testimonial. Your diet is amazing. I'm sure it must have taken quite a bit of hard work to create and there are always so many nay-sayers to contend with but I think your diet is amazing. My gliders will not even take two sniffs of anything else. They have amazing, shiny, thick, soft coats and they're always very active little ones. They have and will always enjoy HPW Complete for dinner - I would never serve anything else :)



    The first time I offered HPW Complete to my gliders, I knew it was going to be my diet of choice for my gliders. I only had 2 gliders then. I have 8 now...and joeys coming out of pouch quite regularly at any particular time I could have up to 12 gliders on your diet. I love how easy it is to prepare the diet, how versatile it is because I am free to feed a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, the formula smells good, and so do my gliders! Every joey born in my home has been a very healthy weight and has easily weaned onto the diet. Traveling is simple with HPW Complete because all I need is the powder and a bottle of water. I tell everyone about your diet, and in fact, couldn't help but to become a Retailer of HPW Complete! I'm now using the Breeder Formula for my two breeding pairs and they love it just as much. It's also very assuring to know that there's been testing done to back up the recipe and it's approved not only by Dr. Tristan, but by my own veterinarian as well. All of my gliders have soft, silky fur. A couple of rescues I brought in looked TERRIBLE with brown, cracked, smelly fur. Within 2 months, they were bright, shiny, and looked like the rest of my gliders. Thank you for creating this product and for backing it up and for always answering my questions. I'm a big fan of your diet and encourage others to give it a try - or rather, let their gliders give it a try. I guarantee they'll love it!

    Ali( "GliderAli")

    I really wanted to thank you for all of your hard work that you must have put in to the HPW Complete diet. I know it must have taken a lot of work and time. I really appreciate it as a booger owner.

    I love that is it so easy to prepare and that I can give them an infinite variety of fruits and veggies to go with it.

    The thing I love most is that my 11 year old son knows how to mix it, and how serve it. He has the recipe memorized. (I know its not that hard, but he is an 11 year old boy so that is a BIG Deal LOL). It makes me feel great to know that if something happens and he needs to, he can fix them their meals without having to second guess himself.

    Thank you so much!!

    Dear CritterLove (Peggy),

    I want to thank you so much for your outstanding customer service and awesome products! You are so knowledgeable about Sugar Gliders and it has helped me and my family to get the real facts about Gliders, despite the false information that another company gave us. Since switching Bella & AJ off of the "other brand" food and onto HPW Complete, their health and happiness has improved!

    Their physical appearance has changed drastically and it's so cute to see how excited they get about their nightly meal. Please continue to educate more people about Sugar Gliders! Thank you so much for everything you do :) God Bless!



    After having my breeding gliders on the new HPW Breeder Formula™ for 3 months, I have to tell you that I am very pleased with the results! The new HPW Breeder Formula™ caused my breeding gliders to return to their pre-breeding weights and has increased their overall health in my opinion, as well.

    In addition, my breeding pair had begun producing single joeys over time - now that they have been on this new HPW Breeder Formula™, however, they are back to producing large, healthy twins with great coats and OOP weights. Thank you so much for continuing to come up with new ways to affect the health and happiness of our sugar gliders!

     Julie Hammock
    Hammock Haven Labs & Gliders

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU!  And, let you know how happy we are with HPW Complete!  The first night Brodie ate all his veggies, some pellets and just a tad of his HPW.  The second night (and every night there after), I did not put pellets in only HPW Complete and his veggies and he cleaned the bowl!  He now gets pellets during the day or as a treat.  I have not tried the Green Juice yet.  I may do that occasionally, I've not decided.  I want to keep him cleaning that bowl! Thanks so much for offering the sample on your website.  I am very glad I can order something I know he will like!!

    Thanks again!
    Amy Key & Brodie

    As a new sugar glider pet parent, I did a LOT of research before getting my gliders.  In my research, nutrition was of the utmost priority for me.  I wanted to make sure my gliders had the best possible nutrition available to them.

    I've read stories that other glider pet parents tell about different diets, the highs and lows, complaints and compliments.  I found one recurring, and overwhelming, praise centered around the HPW Diet.  Upon further investigation and research, the more and more I read about it, the more I KNEW this was the nutrition that I was looking for!

    My two boys have been on HPW Complete since Day One OOP and I wouldn't even think about anything serving them but Complete.  According to their recent bloodwork, they are both in excellent shape and condition!  Their coats are beautifully colored, tails nice and bushy and they are full of energy!  My boys are healthy, I'm happy, and that's how we're going to stay. Thank you so much for such a great nutritional plan for my little guys, Peggy!

    Semper Fi,
    Christian W. Haefs

    I spent the first several months of glider ownership stressed and panicky over figuring out what a healthy diet consisted of, and just as difficult, trying to get them to eat the things they were suppose to eat. 

    I was ready to give them to someone more experienced that could care for them properly... That's when I found the HPW Complete.  The free sample came within days and I was astonished - for the first time they ate their dinner, literally licked they're bowl clean!

    I thought I'd just use this till I learned more and could prepare their diet myself.  But the more I learned, the more I realized that this diet is everything I could want in a diet.  (Especially after seeing how big, healthy and  strong our joeys were with pregnant and nursing momma on this diet. Seeing those other peoples little skinny joeys on other diets breaks my heart).

    That I found something they love; and seeing their energy, curiosity and playfulness and their beautiful coats ... Couple that with the ease of ordering all my supplies in one place, the ease of making and storing their food, and the peace of mind that I'm doing the best I can do for them - made a big difference in the enjoyment we have getting to live with and care for our gliders.     


    I first tried HPW Complete because as a new glider owner I wanted to get the simple and easy food to prepair. We started Malcolm on HPW Complete on March 27. Since he had only ever eaten pellets he was not thrilled with the change for the first night and hardly touched his food. The next night I pored HPW over his favorite fruits and veggies and also left some in his bowl by its self. The next morning when I work up I was amazed he had eaten all of the HPW and left some of his favorite fruits and veggies. I really think he sucked the HPW off of the fruits and veggies. The only thing I didn't like about the complete is that it freezes solid and was hard to get out of the ice trays. I decided to give HPW Plus a try because I heard the frozen texture is much like that of ice cream. Let me just say what a hit! We both love it!

    After one month of being on HPW it looks like I have a completely different glider than when I first got him! His staining is almost not noticeable anymore and he is more gray now than brown, his smell has also gone down a lot too which is great. Being a new glider owner I was not really sure what food to switch my glider too, but I am so glad I came to you! I really feel confident that my suggie is getting an excellent quality food with your HPW. I would definitely recommend your site to anyone that is looking for a great food for their glider!

    Thanks for the great service Peggy! I hope you can use my testimonial.

    Have a great day,

    Natalie and Malcolm

    I just wanted to let you know how much my sugar gliders LOVE the HPW Complete and how much easier supper times is for my babies!

    I used to dread making their staple and freezing it every other week and sometimes I dreaded it so much that I would go a week or so with out making any and would feed them other protein sources because of it. I have tried a few different diets and it always ended up the same, I HATED mixing it all up and freezing it.

    Now I just whip up a couple of batches of the HPW Complete in a shaker bottle a couple of nights a week (which takes about 5 minutes) and put it in the fridge and its always fresh! Even with freezing their staple in cubes they wouldn't eat as much of it after a couple of days of it being frozen, even if I put the cubes in freezer bags or in freezer containers to keep it fresh. Now they lick their bowls clean EVERY night with out leaving a drop left over in the morning!

    I have also noticed since being on the HPW Complete that my gliders fur is looking better and they have more energy. I have 10 cages and I used to only hear activity at night out of a few of them at a time. Now I hear alot more wheels going at once, more jingling of the toys and more jumping around their cages! Its awesome! I cant stress enough how much my gliders and I enjoy the HPW Complete! Thank you Peggy for making my life easier AND my gliders healthier and happier!


    The morning after I fed my guys the HPW Complete, their bowls were so licked clean that I thought I forgot to put the cubes in. It's been that way every morning since.

    Great idea Peggy!!!! Thanks for making life a little easier.


    I just want to thank you for your wonderful product- HPW Complete! I have had my 2 gliders on it since June 2011 and they love, love, love it! There hasn't been one morning when their bowls are not licked clean- and that's AFTER I mix in those "terrible" vegetables (my 2 are fruit lovers) with it. I can add any veggie that I've pureed to the complete and they eat everything- they're finally eating their veggies!

    They are healthy and their coats are absolutely beautiful! So so soft and smooth! And Bindi Roo and Tiggi Sue would also like to thank you personally for the stocking and toys that came with our December order- they're having so much fun with them! Yummy nutritional food and toys – who could ask for anything more :-)

    Happy New Year! Darby Ann Geisinger (aka Glider67)

    I have only used HPW Plus/Complete for a short time so far.  I have 12 gliders and their plates are licked clean.  They love the new diets!  It also has a pleasant aroma and actually acts as an air freshener.  When the gliders are happy, I'm happy!  I haven't been using it long enough to notice a change in behavior or coat appearance but I will keep you updated.  I think the diet is a keeper!  Thanks for the additional diet choices and all of your hard work.

    Bobbi Tindle

    My two babies have been on The Pet Glider Diet for almost 6 years. During that time, my one gliders PH levels have always been high. I started them on the HPW Complete two months ago, and noticed a change in the odor of his urine. I brought both my gliders in for their wellness exam, urinalysis, and fecal.

    My Vet was totally impressed on how remarkable my babies looked, in addition to finding my one gliders PH Levels have dropped down to the normal levels. This is the first normal reading he's ever had. My Vet feels that with the correct Ca:Ph Ratios along with the recommended fruits/veggies the HPW Complete is one of the only diets out there that she will endorse.

    Thank you, Peggy, for all your hard work and for the love that you have for all of our babies!


    We at snowbabygliders have tested and tried both the Plus and the Complete and have tried a few other diets over the years, but we will not be changing diets! Our gliders have never been healthier, have never had such gorgeous coats and have never waited for their dinner like they do now! The Ca:Ph ratio is perfect, it is so easy and we will forever keep both our breeders and non-breeders as well as joeys on this diet! I just wanted to take the time to thank Peggy for all the handwork she has been doing to better help the diets and gliders in the community as well! I am truly, TRULY inspired by Peggy and the HPW PLUS AND the HPW Complete diets. Plus even better, it is made in the USA, smells fantastic, and no wonder my gliders clean their dishes EVERY single night including the veggies and fruit I put next to it, and I am eternally grateful and appreciative of Peggy for bringing us not one, but two versions of the best Diet out there! She has amazing customer service, is very honest , and has provided the community with what they were needing. I don't know how much else to thank Peggy for her fantastic Diets and I am honored to vend her diets in my store. You can Count on us to be 100% HPW PLUS and COMPLETE vendors AND users! It smells so yummy , I am almost tempted to take a taste! We love it! Couldn't ask for more than these two diets! We highly recommend both and hope to continue these two diets for years to come! I wanted to clap my hands and raise my hat to Peggy at Critterlove for everything she has done to make this diet and everything she has done for gliders in the community. She has the gliders health/heart in mind and made it happen! Thank you so much! We are die hard fans!!!! Beware all, these diets are forever addicting!!!!

    Kristy (

    Sorry I haven't sent you an e-mail to let you know I received my HPW Plus!!! We have been super busy with breeding, feeding & cleaning frogs & tadpoles!!We had just made a batch of the original HPW the day before we got the HPW Plus, so we had to wait for that batch to be used. We mixed up the batch of HPW Plus and immediately noticed awesome differences! It smells GREAT!! All 16 of our Gliders smelled it too (they know when the blender is going, they get a fresh batch of food) and the whole gang was twittering and curious as to what the new smell was. We doled out the HPW Plus to every cage and they went NUTS!! Even our picky, fussy Drama Kings & Queens dug in as if they were starving!! EVERY bowl was licked spotless the first night and for a week so far!!! We used to have left overs in the fussy cages, but now the bowls are CLEAN!!!

    I had NO doubts when I heard you had come up with these new offerings. I know how very much you love your animals and how passionate you are concerning their health & well-being. But Girl, I have to say I was concerned that my Fussy Boogers would be, well.....fussy! I have one boy that has always been a nipper & matter how much time was spent with him, he just plays hard. He LICKED the HPW Plus off my finger and never even thought about nipping!!

    Thank You SO much for working so hard on this Peggy! I will send pics of the gang in a month or so to show any changes.

    Thank You,
    Jessica M. Ivory


    Just wanted to let you know how much Mia and Jasper LOVE the HPW Complete. I made a small batch (1/3 the recipe) with the Green Juice to try it. I'll be doing the Plus when this runs low. This has been the only time they've licked their bowls clean! They even ate most of the veggie blend/chunk mix I made that they like but aren't wild about, just because I put the HPW in with it! Then the next day they passed up on part of the berry mix in one bowl to pig out on the HPW in the other bowl first. They love the berry mix, so that's a pretty big compliment !! It's a hit in our family!



    I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into sugar gliders! I especially want to thank you for introducing such a wonderful easy to prepare and healthy diet for our babies. I have been using your new HPW complete for a few weeks now and I LOVE it. More importantly my gliders LOVE it.

    As you know I have a glider that requires medication to aid her digestion that must be added to her food 30 minutes before she eats. I was having difficulty lately getting her to eat anything that I mixed her medication into. She seems totally unaware that her med is being mixed into her dinners and has been eating extremely well for us using your HPW complete. I can also say ALL my gliders have been eating much better since trying your diet.

    Thank you again
    Janie and Bryan

    Dear Peggy,

    I am so glad I decided to try the HPW Complete. I have always been happy with the previous diet I have used for over 6 yrs, but my glider room always smelled, no matter what I did. As a breeder, showing a smelly room to new parents looking at joeys is not the best idea. ha-ha I have been using the Complete for a month and the smell in my glider room is GONE. All my suggies look great, are cleaning their plates, and the 3 joeys that have came OOP in the last week are fat, healthy, and gorgeous! Thank you so much The most amazing thing I have noticed with the Complete is the change in a rescued alittle female I took in. She had her bum shaved for a full tail amputation, was skinny, with nasty hair, from bad care and a bad diet before coming to me. Here are a couple pictures of her before and after, it shows the fast, wonderful, change your diet has made for her.

    When the "after" pictures were taken, she had only been with me and on the Complete diet for 17 days. But already her shaved bum has lots of new soft hair, her body hair color is so much better, and so soft, her eyes are bright, and even though she is still nervous, you can tell how much better she feels. She likes to be pet and will take treats from my fingers without a nip. My vet is also very happy with her progress. Her wounds are FULLY healed & she has so much energy. She jumped off my shoulder during her exam and it took 3 of us to catch her. We all swore we heard her laughing as she ducked and dove around our feet. :-) Thank you so much, for all the time and effort you have put in to make this diet for our suggies. { hugs }


    My babies have been on the new HPW Plus/HPW Complete for some time now.They went from the Plus to the Complete. My gliders love the Complete, the only time they do not lick up every drop is when I give them something really special that spoils their dinner appetite. The Complete is so convenient for me -- it does not get any easier. My gliders have absolutely no odor at all-NONE.My babies are soft and their fur feels like silk. Don't know what I would do if I ran out-- I think they would boycott anything else I offered them. I am thrilled to say it is the diet of choice in our house-- keep it coming!

    Teresa (Skeeter&Harmony)

    Critter Love, I want to thank you for your encouragement and advice when we received our two rehomed gliders. They were on pellet food and over treated. Poor "Gorda" was obese and "monkey's" fur all cracked.

    Now Gorda has become active and playful and Monkey's coat is soft and silky without cracks!! What a change, and the HPW complete is so easy to whip up! Our vet at UT Animal exotic Hospital likes it too. Thank you and we look forward to our next delivery,

    The Bells -Knoxville TN

    Hi! My gliders have been on this diet for a while now and its amazing! I've always had moderate allergies to my gliders. Stuffy nose, sore scratchy throat, sometimes even as bad as to affect my breathing. During tent time my eyes would swell closed. But since my gliders have had a sufficent amount of time on this diet, they've disappeared!

    I truly believe 100% that the HPW Complete is to thank for this. Not to mention their fur is the softest, plushest its ever been. They look so much more vibrant and healthy. Thank you for giving me back the ability to enjoy my babies!

    -Sarah and her crabby crew :)

    Hi there!

    I ordered a batch of the HPW Complete for my two Suggies who are very picky eaters. I was skeptical at first because of their pickiness, but after reading all the good reviews on HPW Complete formula, I thought I'd give it a try. So glad I did!! My babies love it, and clean their bowl every night. They choose HPW Complete (with the Green Machine Naked Juice) over yogurt!! I'm so glad they enjoy, and they're getting fat and sassy after much too long with a previous owner who fed them bird food.

    Thank you so much for your hard work, Peggy!

    Alyson, Gemma, and Gus

    I have had my gliders on both the hpw complete and the plus for close to 2 months now. My gliders love both and are very healthy. My trio (that was affected by the bad cage) that was sick didn't want to eat much but they did drink their complete and plus which I was very happy about. On another note, Leah and lakota who had joeys in pouch have had some small weight joeys in the past but since feeding the complete and plus their joeys that were oop on 6/26/11 had great weights even though they got your new diet ABT. Half way thru their in pouch period. I am very impressed with this and would and do recommend the hpw plus and or complete to anybody. Thank you for working very hard for our sugar gliders and you have my upmost respect.

    nancy glazar (nancy in Detroit)

    Dear Peggy,

    It all started back in feb this year, my glider was sick, and i didn't know what to do, because he had never been so sick before(lack of movement/very slow movement/flattened ears/refusal to eat). After a few days later, he seemed to get well. Then I realized that his weight dropped down to 69g which seemed to get worse.

    Then I gave him hpw complete, he liked it very very much! Now he is 116g, and will grow much more later i guess. By the way, his hair looking much better then before.

    The other one is a joey, this is a pic that i took on the day she came to me at 18g. tired, dehydrated, and had diarrhea.

    After having hpw complete and being taken care everyday by me, now she is 35g, sure she will grow, it just needs time.

    thank you.

    -Emyr (Hong Kong Customer)

    Before Critter Love® Complete

    After Critter Love® Complete

    Before Critter Love® Complete

    After Critter Love® Complete

    After Critter Love® Complete


    I wanted to let you know that my gliders are loving the hpw complete and so am I. I don't have a lot of freezer space so i make a batch every other night in my husbands protein shaker cup and pop it in the fridge. This is the best thing that has happened to us......saves me sooo much time and best part no more ice trays in my freezer... yea!!! My gliders are picky and sometimes don't like to eat all their veggies so i pour the hpw and fruit and veggies all in the same dish and the bowls are empty every morning no more picky eaters....

    Thank you so much
    Valerie Valentin-Caballero with pocket monkeys

    All 6 of my gliders had been on the original HPW before I made the switch to the HPW Plus....and the results are wonderful! My crew love it!! I added the green juice to this first batch and will most likely leave it out of the 2nd batch, just to see if they love it just as much and for a "taste" variety (I have NO doubt they will love it as well!!!))

    I think this is a great diet overall! Thank you Peggy for all your hard work and research in creating such a well received diet and having your customers AND our gliders best interests at heart! All of my crew give you a HUGE thumbs up!

    Stephanie (Buttercup)

    Thank you Peggy! My gliders LOVE the HPW plus, they clean their dishes every night and that makes their momma LOVE it too! Thank you for all the work you put into it,


    My gang , all 4 of them, LOVE the HPW complete. I have also noticed a difference in my Manu"s fur. He is a very picky eater and I am constantly worring about him. He has been taking the HPW complete diet now for about 3 months and doing very well. We had a weight issue going but he has been gaining and he is now up to 122 grams. Thank you so much for developing this wonderful diet.

    Ruby Miracle, Baka, Manu, Adara and Neera

    "The Fuzz wants to send there many thanks & a face hug to you Peggy for bringing them this Super yummy HPW Plus!

    I am so pleased to see them eat every bit of there HPW Plus. There is never any left to clean up and that makes the mumsy very happy" :)

    ~Misty a.k.a Cozyflowers

    Honestly I was  very critical to try HPW Plus as so far I've tried several diets and none have been 'The One'. I have had issues with cracked coats or fluctuating weights and I just haven't been happy with the diets. So, I decided to try HPW Plus out for myself, and by the end of the first week I had already seen an awesome visual turn around. Their coats are gorgeous and over the last few weeks their weights are stabilizing at a healthy number. I was more than pleasantly surprised! I am really pleased with HPW Plus and am excited to see the excellent long term benefits of this diet!


    Ok I got Lotus and Lily on the hpw plus for a month now , Lotus looks so good and fluffy , Lily just now getting her fluffy tail in as before it was flat from her first owner , the first thing they eat is the hpw plus then the fruit and veggies . There never anything left every morning it is very nice having all their food gone .They look so healthy . My hubby even said they smell alot less and want them in the living room now ^_^ .. I dont really have a good pic of their fur yet but here one of them first intro together . Their fur soo soft , they were on the diet in the pic here and still is and always will be :D.. Thank you so much Peggy great work you help them and me now my hubby liking them more now their smell is pretty much gone :D