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    The Critter Love® Diet Plan

    For the Critter Love® diet plan, it is very simple. There are two things to choose:

    One: Which staple you would like to feed. The Critter Love® Plus or the Critter Love® Complete

    Two: Choose a salad you would like to feed alongside it. You can either make one of your own following one of the recipes on the website (link below),

    or if you do not want to shop, chop and freeze, you can choose one of the freeze-dried salads found on the meal and sides page. 

    And that is the Complete diet...Staple and Salad!

    As for kibble you can put some in their cages 24/7 as a snack or aide to dental hygiene. 

    The Difference between the Critter Love® Plus and the Critter Love® Complete

    The Plus you still need to add in your own RAW honey, bee pollen, scrambled eggs (cooked), and water.

    The Complete you just need to add water.  Directions are on the back of the labels as well as on my website.

    How to prepare and serve salads -you make on your own following one of the recipes can be found here (Instructions how to make it are at the bottom of the page):