Our Mission

How we started...Critter Love® is dedicated to researching, developing and implementing a nutritional and balanced staple diet for sugar gliders across the globe.
We have grown to extend our site to include other animals and our homestead.
We firmly believe in dedicating our time to provide healthy diets and supplies. We pride ourselves on great customer service and support to each one of our customers.

Our Business

Family owned and operated. We are committed to educate owners on the care and health of pets and their livestock,
as well as offering products from our homestead. 

Our Purpose

To continuously offer the most nutritional diet for optimal health of pet sugar gliders and other pets as well as livestock.
To offer our clients with the best a homestead can give.

Our Core Values

As a company, Critter Love® is committed to high ethical standards. Our values are driven by the desire to improve both the health and mental stimulation in the lives of pets and livestock.

Ethics & Integrity

We are responsible to our customers and their pets we serve worldwide. We do not take professional or ethical shortcuts. Both our food products and accessories will always maintain the safest and healthiest standards we are capable of providing.


Our ability to excel depends on scientific research and studies as well as the comments, suggestions and teamwork of each of our consumers.

Access & Affordability

We aspire to improve sugar gliders around the globe by promoting easy access and affordability of our products.

Quality & Safety

From Research and Development to Manufacturing and Distribution of our products, safety and quality are always our top priority.
Success can only be achieved when the health and longevity of our sugar gliders are at their best.

Research & Development

Here at Critter Love® we donate a % of each and every sale towards further research and development to be certain our captive bred and kept pet sugar gliders are continuing to receive the best they can.

Additional Information

Critter Love® takes pride in the pets we raise, and the supplies we carry. We believe the animal should get the best of care and the most love they can recieve while in our care.

Please feel free to look around the site and see all the many things we offer. Not only are our items completely safe for your pets, prices are kept in mind for the consumer as well. If you do not see an item you are looking for, please contact me via email or phone. It is very possible Critter Love® does indeed carry the item and it just has not made its way onto the website yet.


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