Nutritional Innovations in sugar glider nutrition and ingredients

In the past couple decades sugar gliders have become a popular pocket pet in many homes across the globe.
Very little was known for their dietary needs and requirements in the beginning.

Today Critter Love® is leading the cause in sugar glider nutrition. Critter Love® has been and is currently working with a team of professionals and laboratories to conduct testing to learn as much as we can and implement those findings in our staple products and diet plans. Our products have been published in written studies, and will be in more come the future.

The requirements of sugar gliders are of importance to their overall health. You must make certain their Calcium to Phosphorus ratios are correct so they do not become prone to metabolic bone disease (hind leg paralysis). You must make certain their vitamin and mineral ratios are correct so they do not receive too much or not enough which can lead anywhere from organ damage/failure to discoloration of their coats and the same goes for amino acids. And we must remember none of these nutrients work independently.

​All of these things are vital to a long and healthy life. We, here at Critter Love®, not only have our products laboratory tested, we also have animals that are consuming our products (from all across the nation) tested to make certain the gliders are utilizing the nutrients correctly.

We have a professional, world renown animal nutritionist calculate the proper salad mixtures to offer alongside our staple products so no additional calcium or vitamins are needed.

​Our staple products are commercially manufactured, therefore taking out the guess work for you and letting you rest assure knowing you are feeding the right amount of all the nutrients that your little ones need.

​Our products are simple to make and smell good. They are also affordable and extremely fresh. Whether you choose to add in your own eggs, Raw honey, bee pollen (with the Critter Love® Plus) or take the easier way and just add water (Critter Love® Complete), you will know you are offering a delicious and top brand product to your pet.

​We also have several different salad mixtures to feed alongside our staple products. Each of these were customized by our animal nutritionist to go along with any of our staples. We have both mixes you can make yourself, or if you do not wish to shop, chop and freeze you can choose one of our freeze-dried salads.

​When fed side by side, staple with a salad, you can rest easily knowing you are feeding an OPTIMAL diet plan.

​While other companies focus on and carry products for many different species, we here are only sugar glider focused. Meaning they get our full, undivided attention.

We believe in our product so much we encourage you to try a sample.



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