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Our Staple Foods (Complete, PLUS, & Breeder) help with Smell, Coat, Weight Control & More!

How much do I need?

A Complete Staple Portion of your Sugar Gliders Diet - A Leading Diet WORLDWIDE!!

This product was developed to be used specifically for captive bred and kept pet sugar gliders. ​It is to be used as the protein booster in their diet.

This supplement contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, as well as Omega 6&3 fatty acids including Flaxseed Oil and is also calcium fortified.

Nutritional and balanced to make a beneficial addition to your sugar gliders diet plan.

​Developed with the aide of licensed veterinarians and exotic Animal Nutritionist, to ensure a balanced meal when fed alongside one of our Critter Love® salads.

​Smells like Sweet Vanilla...

Sugar Gliders are enjoying it across the Globe!

Laboratory tested and approved!!

​Sugar gliders do not just survive on it, they THRIVE on it!!

When fed along side one of the Critter Love® Salads, you will have the ease of mind knowing your sugar gliders are eating a well balanced, nutritious and great tasting diet.

Laboratory & Veterinarian recommended and approved!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews
Danielle Conlan
Good product!

Gliders enjoy this staple and it’s consistent! Never had any issues.

Danny Kelley
Excellent product & Excellent Service

Always Satisfied

Kim Plewa
critter love complete

I've bn buying it for 5yrs and my 2 boys never seemed to like it. I'd find it still in the dish with poop in it. Recently I lost my 1st glider & it killed me but it did his cage mate as well. I rescued a little female who is all they had. They have yet to bond & I don't see it happening but Axl has bn watching the new girl Judy drink all of hers every night and now so does Axl. It makes me happy that he has changed his attitude in that sense because I've tried all the staple diets & they would go in the trash. It's good to see empty bowls in the morning.
I haven't tried the cleaning product yet but was given good reviews for it.


Our gliders love it!


Always packaged safety and quick shipping.