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Size: Freeze Dried Salad With Mushroom 28g
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How much do I need?

Our freeze dried salads with egg shell calcium are a quick and convenient way to provide your sugar glider or other pets a variety of desirable vegetables and fruits they like. These freeze-dried ingredients are all natural and human grade foods.

​No additives or artificial flavorings.

Great for travel/evacuation/emergency kits or anytime feeding.

​Simply add water, re-hydrate and feed. Its a great way to have food for your pets when you are on the go OR don't want to shop, chop and freeze.

​The best thing about freeze-dried foods, they have a shelf life unopened for up to 25 years. They maintain all their nutrients. They re-hydrate well and quickly.

Can be used as part of their meal or as a treat.​

  • A 28g (approx. 1 oz) bag is enough for one glider for one week.​
  • 56g bag is enough for one glider for two weeks
  • 112g bag is enough for one glider for a month.

​Ingredients: Broccoli, green beans, carrots, sweet peppers, mushrooms, apples, raspberries, blackberries and egg shell calcium.

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Customer Reviews

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Gliders eat this one up quickly!

I am too busy to make salads right now and so I purchase the premade freeze dried and add water. My gliders munch this stuff and usually leave little or nothing.

Good product

Easy to prepare and great for traveling!

Quick and Easy

The freeze dried salads have saved me quite a few times when I’m running late on feeding or simply exhausted and don’t have their pre-made fruit and veggie mixture prepared. I’ve been having a difficult time giving the directed amount because my digital gram scale does not seem to want to register the light, dried pieces I add to their serving bowls. Also, my more domesticated glider (one of Peggy’s sweet little ones) is much more welcoming of the freeze dried than my “tamed”
Glider. The later one runs up to it, takes a few sniffs, then runs back to me looking at me as if “Ummm Mom, please tell me this is a joke. You’re holding my real dish right?” He will pick through it the slightest bit once I walk away; but compared to his brothers dish in the morning, it’s night and day. Just FYI, I feed 2 separate bowls because I had to separate them for issues unrelated.


My sugar gliders love this. The only thing they don't like is the crumbs. Here lately I been getting a lot of crumbs in the package. If I can get less crumbs in the salad that would be great.