Merry Go Treat

Critter Love®

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Mental and physical fitness intersect with this challenging pet toy. This spinning Forager enriches environment with rewarding physical and mental activity.

Develops natural foraging and problem-solving skills in a fun and entertaining manner.

Physical agility of your pet is put to the test as this hanging foraging toy tips and teeters in mid-air. Place fruits, nuts or any favorite treat in the clear treat cups for enrichment activity that nurtures natural behaviors. Provides pets with engrossing activity similar to foraging. 

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Peggy Personally Recommend To Me

Totally confused by all of the toys out there and wanting to be sure to get safe and quality toys I personally contacted Peggy to guide me in the right direction. After going a little crazy and buying just about every toy this one is an absolute favorite whether holding treats or empty.

They love to try to get the treats...

The girls love trying to get to the treats. They have even figured out some shortcuts, . . . hanging from the bars, or another toy, helps them balance. They are so clever. . . .