How to Get Rid of Sugar Glider Smell

Did you know sugar gliders have multiple scent glands? You may have noticed the bald spot on the back of your male’s head, or the patch on their chest. While there are a couple of different reasons your sugar glider might smell kind of musky, one odoriferous smell may be the urine smell. First, you’ll need to make sure you’re cleaning the cage properly and not too often. With sugar gliders being scent animals, over cleaning will only encourage them to mark their territory more. Recommended cage cleaning is every two weeks. But if you know the cage is clean and you’re still smelling something unusual, you may need to consider what you’re feeding them.

Put simply, the higher the protein in the diet the more odor in the urine. Since sugar gliders are omnivorous, it’s important that there is a range of foods in their diet. You’ll need to balance their foods to have just the right ratio of vitamins and minerals. Your system works this way too (think asparagus and other cruciferous vegetables)! Too much, or too little, of any one thing throws your (and your sugar glider’s) system out of whack.

To help you ensure your home, and your sugar glider’s home, isn’t too stinky, we offer a variety of products to take the guess work out of it. For the person who wants to know all the ins and outs, we have a booklet that breaks down all the specifics. You’ll be able to take charge of your pet’s diet and ensure they’re getting the most fresh and various diet available.

For the busy family that has time to love on your pets, but allow someone else to ensure they’re getting a varied and healthy diet, we have developed foods you can order and not have to think about. Our Complete nutrition products have been scientifically formulated by veterinarians, exotic animal nutritionists, and experts in exotic pets - so you can be sure your best buddy is getting the best! Because in the wild all foods aren’t available all the time, treats and fun foods are best given as just that, a  TREAT!

So, if you’re cleaning the cages properly, your animal is happy, but you’re STILL having some smelly problems, it may be time to switch up your food to something that considers your animal as a whole. Developed by people who care, for the animal that is well-cared-for!

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