Holiday or Emergency Travel with Sugar Gliders

So you’re traveling for the holiday? How about for the weekend? Was this trip planned, or did it sneak up on you? Hopefully you’re prepared to bring your sugar glider with you! Is this possible? Of course it is! You already know that their preferred space is anywhere with you, so why not? What do you need?


If you cannot bring their house with you, best travel cage would be a  30 X 18 X 18 bird flight cage or a small vinyl pop-up dog kennel. Just bring along their toys that are already in their home cage as well as their sleeping pouch (leave them with their scent on them) and this way they have all the comforts of home. And you don’t have to worry about losing your baby. Consistency is always best, so be consistent with their home as much as you can!


Uh oh! This trip came up quickly! Are you prepared? Are you going to have to find a grocery store that has vegetables and fruits? A gas station? What happens if you have to stay somewhere where you don’t have easy access to a refrigerator or freezer? Eliminate the need to find food on-the-fly by bringing the well-curated critter food with you! Did you know we have a powder staple that has all the ingredients already in it, Critter Love Complete, as well as freeze-dried food for you? All you have to do is mix the daily serving with water, and ta-da! You have a baby that will keep on their well-balanced diet even while you’re out of town unexpectedly.

Travel Treats

We already know you love your furry baby. So, it’s no surprise that you give them treats. It’s expected, really! What you don’t want is to find a baggie of moldy, smelly food under the seat of your car that you meant to give your glider while you guys were on vacation. Or have you ever reached into a bag and felt the contents squish in between your fingers? Probably not great to feed your glider. SO, stick with the freeze-dried treats that you know are good, and will be good, for your favorite critter!

Hopefully with your glider’s favorite things, regular daily foods, and yummy little treats, you two (or more) will have a wonderful and relaxing getaway. If you order ahead of time and have these things on-hand (or order auto-ship if you’re a procrastinator or particularly spontaneous), you and your glider can adventure without worrying about finding the next restaurant or store to buy fresh fruits and veggies!


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